Spring Wedding Trends

Wedding trends change from year to year and we have rounded up some of the top trends for the 2019 wedding season.

1. Lighting

Unique lighting is one of the hottest wedding trends right now. From hanging candles to geometric chandeliers, lighting sets the scene and mood for a wedding and not to mention the whimsy that lighting brings to the occasion.

2. Foliage

Greenery everywhere! Its been slowly building up since 2014 when Eucalyptus made a huge statement as greenery swag, but now….greenery has stepped up to the plate in a huge way! Think enchanted garden. Swag chandeliers. Swag table runners. Drapery swag on the back of chairs.

Photograph from Belathée Photography

Photograph from Belathée Photography

3. Candlelight

Candlelight is romantic. And tealights have been a popular choice forever, but trending now are long, skinny stemmed, taper candles. It’s no wonder these are making a comeback. They are so romantic and give such a luxe feel without a huge price tag! It’s a win win.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

4. Bold Colors

The color trend floats with the seasons, but this year bold colors will be strong. Think emeralds, navys, and maroons.

Photograph from  Ellen Ashton Photography

Photograph from Ellen Ashton Photography

Photograph from Zsuzsi Pal Photography

Photograph from Zsuzsi Pal Photography

5. Garden Party

Outdoor weddings aren’t a new concept, but there has been a significant rise in outdoor garden weddings. From vintage couches in the garden to woodsy elegance, it’s very British Royal garden party. This is 100% a trend that I can get behind. It’s romantic, unconventional, and overall just a flat out great idea!


Jennifer Dukes