5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Flowers
Written by Jennifer (Knox Occasions)
                                                                    (image courtesy of Star Noir Studio for Knox Occasions)

                                                                    (image courtesy of Star Noir Studio for Knox Occasions)

We all know that weddings can be outrageously costly, but there are a lot of ways to save without sacrificing your style and vision.  Flowers are one area that can be the most expensive.
Here are 5 ways to save money when it comes to your blooms: 

1.    Choose more greenery and foliage. You can save a ton of money by using more greenery like Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. Using a greenery filler means you will have a fuller arrangement and in turn you will need fewer blooms. Not to mention that eucalyptus and lambs ear are so on trend right now!

2.    Buy flowers that are in season. There are plenty of guides online that you can use to see if the flowers you are hoping to use are in season. 

(image courtesy of http://www.weddingshoppeinc.com/)

(image courtesy of http://www.weddingshoppeinc.com/)

3.    Reuse your flowers throughout your entire event. You can rearrange your flowers from one area to the next without anyone ever noticing they were reused!

4.    Discuss your budget with your florist. 

5.    Choose flowers that are local. Buying local will save you money because it cuts out a middle man and local florists and farmers can cut you a good deal on bulk amounts.  

Knoxville is full of awesome florists.
-Melissa Timms   -Sassafras Flowers   -LB Floral   
Go check them out and give your favorite a call!