Bridal Shower Etiquette


Bridal showers are such a great way to love on the bride to be. Friends and family come together to shower the couple with gifts for their new home together, fun games, and lots of yummy foods. There are a lot of questions that can arise when you start planning a bridal shower, so we thought we could answer some of the most pressing ones here.

Who Should Plan The Bridal Shower?

This is one of the more controversial questions. It can range from your bridal party to your new In-Laws, but our stance is Maid/Matron of Honor. You want someone who knows the bride and the brides guest party the best. Who knows all of that better than the Maid/Matron of Honor? If your MOH does not want to do the job or their schedule is too packed to take on the task of planning the shower, then our second pick is someone else in your bridal party or onto a family member who would readily take on the task!

Who Should Be Invited?

This is the second most asked question and it’s the easiest to answer. Your guest list should include family and friends who have already been invited to the wedding. You do not need to invite everyone on the guest list, but in reverse you should not invite someone who has not been invited to the wedding. Talk about an uncomfortable situation! You want to make the shower sweet and intimate. Keep the guest list to close friends and family.

Should This Be a Destination Event?

Short answer, no. Save the destination events for the bachelorette party.

How Close to The Wedding Day Should I Host The Bridal Shower?

1 month from the wedding date is a safe bet. You can go back as far as 3 months before, but it’s better to host most of the festivities in the month of the big day!

Does The Bride Need To Register For The Bridal Shower?

No. The wedding registry is a good template to go off of for the bridal shower.

Do I Need To Mail Out Invitations?

100% yes. You can make the event as informal or formal as you’d like, but our stance will always be “Yes” to a tangible invitation.